Become Your Healthiest YOU

Even if your life is very busy.

Claudia January 2022 - int-13


In A Society where the food industry doesn't care about your health, I Could Help you Navigate The System.

What Journey Fits You Best?

4 Weeks Supported Journey

You are ready to receive specialized help to make your dream of a healthier lifestyle come true.

However, right now you can’t – or you prefer not to – commit to a long-term guided journey.

This journey is available with or without 24h DMs option.

12 Weeks Supported Journey

You are called to this journey because you are ready to step out of your comfort zone to make certain changes in your life you have been dreaming about.

To make sure you reach your goals in a shorter time, you prefer to receive expert guidance that can help you implementing the best strategies for you to achieve the best results. 

This journey is available with or without 24h DMs option.

24 Weeks Supported Journey

A half a year journey is an important commitment to yourself. It means that you are looking for a big change in your life and step by step you want to build up better habits and knowledge that will make possible to reach that point. 

This journey is available with or without 24h DMs option.

Ask Me Anything​​

You don’t feel ready to step out of your comfort zone to commit to a longer a deeper journey.

However, you know that have some answers to specific questions can help you to improve your health.

Click on the button below for more details about this option.


Who is Claudia

In the process of changing her life right before turning 40, Claudia completed her master’s degree in Nutrition and became a Nutrition Coach. 
Now she is committed to making it easier for busy people to eat healthy delicious food and keep variety in their diet while creating habits to support a more enjoyable lifestyle and avoiding food waste.

Look young and feel young is her motto!


Can I Split the payment?

Yes! You can choose to make two payments instead of one. Or if you wish any other option, please get in contact with me at

Will the sessions be in a video format?

It’s up to you. I’m happy to use whatever format work best for you. We can do only audio calls or we can have the video on.

Will we choose a day for the sessions

Yes, preferably. We can choose the day that fits you best and each week we would talk on the same day and at the same time.

Will I need to print any of the material?

All the material I’ll share with you is digitally fillable and there is not need to print it.


ready to Start Your Journey?

Every journey starts with a first step.

For this journey your first step doesn’t need to be a difficult one. Book a quick call with me to ask me any question you might have and to make sure we are a good fit to work together.