Any Season – Week 2 – Omnivore

what problems is this meal plan solving?


The recipes are developed so that you use up ALL the ingredients you buy. No more left-overs spoiling in the fridge.


The prepping of the meal components reduces the time spend cooking and cleaning the kitchen.

keep variety in your diet

Every week features different main ingredients so that it's easy to provide your body with all the needed nutrients.


You only need one trip to the grocery store to get all the ingredients needed for the entire week.


No more decision fatigue. Following simple instructions is the key to be consistent with your healthy eating habit.

save money

The grocery list helps to avoid over-buying and the no waste strategy avoid throwing spoiled food.

Main Ingredients in This Week Meal Plan

  • Anchovies
  • Arugula
  • Buckwheat
  • Cauliflower
  • Chickpeas
  • Feta Cheese
  • Green peas
  • Minced Beef Meat
  • Mushrooms

*Substitute ingredient suggestions also provided.



1. You get 1 grocery list for 1 week worth of meals.

2. You choose for how many people you are making the meals.

3. You do the batch cooking in 2 to 3 hours.

4. Each day you follow the instructions to prepare a new easy-to-make and healthy recipe.

5. At the end of the week, there are no leftovers and you’ll be feeling full of energy thanks to all the nourishing meals you have been eating throughout the week!


27 of the ingredients are plant-based, very close to the recommended 30 that we should be having weekly in order to keep a healthy microbiome.

6 meals out of the 14 are freezable.

✔️  Printable grocery list for one or more people.

✔️  7 recipes with video and written instructions.

✔️  Batch cooking written and video instructions for 7 ingredients.

✔️  Visual pdf with suggestions on how to distribute meals throughout the week.

Among the recipes there is:

1 Curry
1 Casserole
1 Extra Easy Soup

Frequently asked questions

Zero-Waste means two things:

  • You won’t waste any food because the recipes will include all the ingredients you buy for the week. No more buying ingredients for a recipe and don’t know what to do with the leftovers.
  • Use the minimum amount of plastic. If you are familiar with recipes box services, they delivery the right amount of ingredients for each recipe, so that you don’t waste any food. However, what about the amount of plastic that they use for each individually packed ingredient? 

Some of us are ok with eating the same food for both meals, but it’s ok if you are not.

I have prepared a downloadable PDF with photos with suggestions on how you can mix the recipes to avoid eating the same meal twice a day.

You’ll also learn how to properly store a meal so that you can eat it the day after or depending on the ingredients, even after two days. 

Not a big deal!

If you just won’t be able to be physically at home, all the recipes can be easily packed in a take away format.

If you got an invitation somewhere, or you are eating out, you can postpone the recipe of the day or, if it’s a freezable one, just prepare it and freeze it.

The quantities in the grocery list and recipes can be easily be modified with just one click.  

Does your family have more than three members and everyone is on board? Get in contact with me and let me know more.

To make it easier to keep a big variety in your diet.

After interviewing a large number of women, many of those who make sure to eat healthy, they admit to repeat ingredient very often. This is normal, as it’s easier to cook and eat what we are familiar with.

However, our body needs a big variety of micronutrients and recent studies have shown that we need to eat 30 or more plant-based ingredients each week in order to keep a healthy microbiome.

Keeping a variety in our diet is the easiest way to make our gut microbiome happy and to make sure our body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Do you have more questions? Get in contact with me.


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