New Habits

During the month of November, I consolidated two new habits in my life and I managed to drop a vice. The first habit was to organize my time so that I could dedicate the first two hours of my day (Sundays included) to study for my Masters in Nutrition. The second habit was to make myself train 3 times a week, rain or shine– no excuses.

In order to achieve this, I did some research to understand the dynamics behind habits and I can confirm that it’s true that when you have a clear, set goal and you believe you will achieve it, it is easier for the habits to stick. In the post titled How to create (and maintain) new habits I share everything I learned and I also list some suggestions.

The vice and addiction that I managed to drop was smoking. In September, I told myself that as soon as I changed apartments, I would stop smoking, but since that move never happened I continued smoking, even more after the disappointment of having to stay in the same apartment. In the post titled And along the way, I stopped smoking… I share what helped me ignore this bad habit.

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