Physical and emotional changes after 7 months

It’s unbelievable how fast time goes by, especially if you live in a city like Barcelona. You never have time, you are always busy, in a hurry and, after a year, you do not even know what has happened in your life.

This is another positive aspect brought by my challenge: discovering the importance of stopping to remember and analyze what has happened to me lately and see the changes achieved. I recommend that you try this simple exercise. It helps you to confirm that you are on the right path, to prioritize, eliminate and, in addition, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and energy to move forward.

At the beginning of April, just two months before the end of the challenge, I measured myself again and took some pictures that I show you in the blog post Physical changes after 7 months into the challenge. In this post, I also tell you about my workouts and about the additional benefits that I’ve received from exercising.

But, as you already know, my journey to my healthy forties is not only related to a physical change, but also to a change on an emotional and mental level. In fact, I firmly believe, as I have lived it throughout the challenge, that the three aspects are closely related. It is difficult to change one if you do not also work on the other two.

It is clear that witnessing changes at a physical level is very easy, but emotional and mental changes may not be so clear. That’s why I decided to write the blog post Emotional changes after 7 months into the challenge. In fact, in these last months many things happened in my life and in April, during the two weeks I spent in Bulgaria, I realized some things that brought me to make an important decision.

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