Trip to Malaysia and perfectionism

On January 4th I traveled to Malaysia. When I purchased the ticket in October, one of the emotions that emerged was fear. I feared this trip could compromise the results of my health goals. I didn’t go on a month long vacation but rather on workation meaning a vacation that combined work and play. During my travels, I continued to work on my job, which fortunately I can do remotely, and of course on this project, but I was able to do so in a different setting that wasn’t Barcelona, which was feeling too small in the last few months.

Amongst the doubts, I had about the trip was the fact that I didn’t know how my body would react to the change in food and lifestyle. Nevertheless, I was able to find a certain balance, connect more with my body, and move much more than I usually do in Barcelona. I’ll tell you all about it in the post How to maintain your healthy habits while traveling.

On January 31st I flew back to Barcelona, however, I missed my connecting flight in Dubai and had to spend a night there. When I realized what was happening I experienced moments of disbelief, desperation, anger, and disappointment with myself. Nevertheless, I was very lucky and the episode was added to my collection of experiences and wisdom. I had time to stop myself and analyze the situation and to find comfort in a different way than I was used to. Once again, I found myself face to face with the idea of perfection, a friend/foe that has accompanied me for many years. I’ll tell you about it in the post Perfectionism, my worst enemy.

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