How Quotes Can Help You Change Your Eating Habits + FREE Posters

Changing a bad eating habit can be daunting if we think of all the suggestions that we constantly receive. It might be difficult to understand what we should start with and how to do it. 

Changing our environment and using healthy eating quotes can be a more powerful strategy than you might think.

We have all been there. We want to change our eating habits but we don’t know exactly what we need to do. 

We feel like our motivation and willpower are all we need and at the beginning, we have a lot of it. However, after a couple of weeks or even just a few days, we are back to our old habits.

I know, it’s frustrating and it’s difficult to understand, what have we done wrong?!

It took me a while to recognize the importance of changing my environment in order to be able to get rid of a bad habit so as to create a good one.  

If you want to create a healthy eating habit that will last forever, don’t fret.

The good news is that making just a few changes in our environment, will help us get the ball rolling.

We’ll stop with the bad behaviors and we’ll start with the good ones without even thinking about it. 

Creating a motivating kitchen can be done with just a few steps: 

Healthy Eating Organizer Posters

The best strategy to use healthy eating quotes in our environment

When using motivational posters or even phone and desktop wallpapers, what is important is that we notice when we are victims of hedonic adaptation.

The concept of hedonic adaptation involves becoming accustomed to a stimulus.   

This means that after we get exposed to a change for a while, we get used to it and we stop noticing.

For example, if you have had a painting hanging on your wall for a long time, no matter how beautiful it is and how much you might like it, you’ll eventually stop noticing that it’s in there. 

A good strategy to avoid hedonic adaptation is to change the environment every so often which we have specifically created to motivate us. 

If you use motivational posters or cards, for example, you might want to change the posters every once in a while. 

It’s not necessary to buy constantly new posters, but you can rotate a few of them every couple of weeks or whenever you feel they have lost their ”motivational power”.

Free Healthy Eating Quotes Posters

A bright kitchen with plants and motivational posters

You can try the motivational posters technique today by downloading for free, two of my motivational posters in an A4 format.

You just need to print them and hang them on your walls. 

Remember to alternate them every couple of weeks to avoid hedonic adaptation.  

5 Healthy Eating Quotes That You Can Pin

Here are a few more famous quotes related to healthy eating that you can pin to your Pinterest account. 

My suggestion is that you create a specific board for these kinds of pins and you can call it “Healthy Eating Quotes” or something similar to this one

1. You are what what you eat eats. – Michael Pollan

Healthy Eating Quote by Pollan

2. There’s no magic bullet. You gotta eat healthy and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy. – Morgan Spurlock

Healthy Eating Quote by Spurlock

3. Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments. – Bethenny Frankel

Healthy Eating Quote by Frankel

4. Eating crappy food isn’t a reward – it’s a punishment. Drew Carey

Healthy Eating Quote by Carey

5. Health requires healthy food – Roger Williams

Healthy Eating Quote by Williams

I hope these healthy eating quotes will give you a boost of motivation in your journey to create an everlasting healthy eating habit. 

As always, I appreciate you stopping by my blog, and if you think this post might help someone you know to make even a small step to a healthier lifestyle, please don’t hesitate to share it away!

Happy Healthy Eating!

A big hug,

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