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Started as a blog back in 2012, Deliciously Ella has evolved to become a popular name brand to “help people live better and make vegetables cool”.

It consists of a blog, an app, books, a deli, food products and as of a few months ago, a podcast.

In the podcast, Ella and her husband Matt interview experts in different fields that always relate to wellbeing and living a healthier and happier life.

At the end of every podcast they ask their guests the following question:

“What’s your practice that you live by every day to create a happier and healthier life.”

I don’t want to go too much into details because I think that every episode is worth listening to.

However, I thought that rounding up all those daily practices, or sayings these people live by, in one place could be useful and inspiring to others.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, I highly recommend you do. It’s full of insight and good advice.

Do you have any daily practice, mantra or saying that helps you live a happier and healthier life? If you don’t, maybe this will help you to find one.

You can find the episodes on Itunes, Acast, Spotify or Podbean.

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Episode: Navigating the World of Health and Wellness

Guest: Amelia Freer

Practice: Meditation

Episode: Building resilience

Guest: Holly Tucker

Practice: Hour-long strolls along the river while walking her dog, listening to her favorite podcast and reflecting. This allows her to recharge her batteries.

Episode: The Gut; Why it matters

Guest: Dr. Megan Rossi

Practice: With every meal she ponders if there is something on her plate that is going to feed her microbes.

Episode: Food Waste and Climate Change

Guest: Tessa Clarke

Practice: She encourages people to look for their passion and pursue it the way she did.

Episode: Lifestyle Medicine

Guest: Hazel Wallace

Practice: Her mantra is “Failure is not final”.

Episode: How Exercise Impacts on The Brain & Our Mental Health

Guest: Dr Brendan Stubbs

Practice: Every morning he writes 10 things he is grateful for.

Episode: Veganism and Climate Change

Guest: Joseph Poore

Practice: He writes daily on his diary.

Episode: Matt Haig on Mental Health

Guest: Matt Haig

Practice: Getting outside to go for a run.

Episode: Cultivating Happiness and Living With a Glass Half Full, with the Happy Pear

Guests: Dave and Steve Flynn

Practice: Their granny used to always say “Be happy and have fun” and they add that there is no proof that life is serious. We all take it very serious but it’s really not.

Episode: Diet Myths Unpicked

Guest: Rhiannon Lambert

Practice: Every morning she fixes her breakfast, she sits down and reflects on what her grandad once told her dad: (38:14) “Treat everyone the way you’d like to be treated and don’t judge a book by its cover.”


Episode: How to Get a Balanced Vegan Diet

Guest: Alice Mackintosh

Practice: Every morning she sits down with a cup of tea and she does some journaling.

Episode: Dealing with Stress

Guest: Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Practice: Whenever he is at home, he would have dinner with his family, devices off, and everyone would answer the following questions:

Episode: Lessons in Happiness from Around the World

Guest: Helen Russell

Practice: She gets outside every single day, no matter what the weather is like.

Episode: Baby Mills! What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Guest: Marina Fogle

Practice: Every night she writes down a couple of things that made her happy and in the morning when she wakes up she thinks of three things she looks forward to in the day.

Episode: The Skincare Edition

Guest: Dr. Anjali Mahto

Practice: She starts her days by watching a cute video that her husband sends her every day and she knows will make her laugh.

Episode: How to Break a Habit & Make Lasting Changes

Guest: Shahroo Izadi

Practice: Every morning she writes down things that she thinks would test her that day. She then reflects on how she would like to react to these things in order to make herself feel proud the next day.

Episode: Fearne Cotton on Making Mistakes & Accepting Yourself

Guest: Fearne Cotton

Practice: She lives by the mantra “I’m enough”. Every day and whenever something goes wrong, or she beats herself up for doing things wrong, she repeats to herself, “It’s ok, I’m enough”.

Episode: Marathon Training 101

Guests: Rosemary Ferguson and Digital Editor of Women’s Health Amy Lane

Practice: Rosemary: She goes for a 20-minute walk while listening to a calm meditation. Amy: She takes a deep breath before responding to situations. This allows her to take the time to process things.

Episode: How Our Brains Control Our Happiness

Guest: Dr Mithu Storoni

Practice: She tries to wake up every morning to watch the sunrise while she drinks hot chocolate.

Episode: Turning Adversity into Opportunity

Guest: Nicole de Leiburne

Practice: She practices positive affirmations that remind her that the negative thoughts are just thoughts and don’t represent her.


In this new season, Ella and Matt close the episodes asking 5 take away for the episode or best practices

Episode: Loss, Grief, Gratitude and Presence

Guest: Matt

Practice: Presence, gratitude, find purpose, find these people who would be consistence with you.

Episode: Body Acceptance & Making Peace with our Plates

Guest: Pandora Paloma

Her practice: I get up one hour before the rest of the house get up and I follow this morning routine: first I meditate, then I practice my affirmations, I do visualizations about what I want to do for the day and who I want to be, I go on with a tiny bit of exercise, I read five pages of a book and I finally do some journaling.

Episode: Livia Firth on Sustainable Fashion

Guest: Livia Firth

Takeaways: Remember that we are all interconnected, being respectful about the environment, remember to have fun and not to take yourself to seriously, perfection doesn’t exist.

Episode: Nutrition 101: Calories, Carbs, Fat, Salt & Sugar

Guest: Rhiannon Lambert

Takeaways: Carbs are good for you, everyone is unique, don’t worry in extreme amount about how much sugar and salt you have, nutrients no numbers, see food as a positive aspect of life and enjoyment.

Episode: Creating a more mindful life

Guest: Steffy White

Takeaways: use affirmations and set intentions, be of service and give without expectation of getting something in return. Interesting Books: The yoga sutras, The power of now, Eastern body and western mind, Autobiography of a yogi. Make sun salutations in the morning.

Episode: Period Power

Guest: Maisie Hill

Takeaways: track your period, look at what you eat and make sure to have enough protein, healthy fats and fiber during the day, masturbate and orgasm, read her book.

Episode: Why We Sleep with Matthew Walker

Guest: Matthew Walker

Takeaways: go to bed and wake up every day at the same time, dim down the lights in your home one hour before going to bed, keep the bedroom temperature around 18ºC. If you can’t sleep or you wake up and you can’t go back to sleep in 20 minutes, don’t stay in bed. Be mindful about caffeine and alcohol.

Episode: Who, Why and How We Love

Guest: Laura Mucha

Takeaways: the way you feel about relationships might say more about yourself than the person you are with. Be kind and don’t be judgmental. Love is a skill that requires a lot of hard work.

Episode: How Our Food Affects Our Mood

Guest: Felice Jacka

Takeaways: what you put in your mouth matters to your mental and brain health. Feed your gut and you’ll be feeding your health. You can make changes and see the benefits very quickly. What your children learn is very critical for their long term health. It doesn’t need to be difficult either expensive.

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