Results after 4 months of challenge

I waited until the last day of the year to take photos and assess the result I had obtained after spending 4 months eating healthier and a little over 2 months training.

It had already been a few weeks when I started noticing the changes in my abdomen, which of course, further motivated me to keep moving forward and kept confirming that what I was doing was working.

Physical results after four months challenge
Results after 4 months of healthier meals and 2 months of training

Before and After in numbers

Before: I first measure myself on October 12th 2017, which is when I also started my first day of training.

After: I measured myself again on December 15th.

I lost a total of 18,2 cm and below you’ll find the exact numbers.

Before and after - four months challenge in numbers
Results in numbers after 4 months of healthier meals and 2 months of training

My weight went from 55,1 kilos to 54,2 kilos, and it seems incredible that a decrease of only 0,9 kilos can actually be so apparent physically, right?

But by this stage, I had also begun to tone and train my muscles, and we do have to keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat.

Trying to find the fast route

I have to confess that in December, I had a relapse (like an addict) and I spent some money trying to find, again, some miraculous results.

Someone had told me about a back massage using cupping methods, which supposedly, worked brilliantly to eliminate that horrible fat that accumulated in my back.

And since I was planning on going to Malaysia and stroll around its beaches, I thought I could pamper myself with this gift which would also help me achieve my objective faster.

Needless to say, this investment in time and money was useless. Did I notice any single change during those two weeks of massages which I would get twice per week?

Of course I did, but I am convinced that 95% of those changes were due to the trainings and the balanced diet, and maybe 5% due to the massages.

Oh well, just another lesson of how my patience gets the best of me and that is another aspect of my life I need to work on.

If I summarize the first 4 months of the challenge, I can say that I was very happy with the change I had accomplished physically.

Besides looking at the differences in centimeters, what most surprised me was the change in energy levels, posture, resistance, and many other qualities I noticed during my trip to Malaysia.

Just so you can get an idea, I went up those 272 steps that you see in the picture behind me without ever stopping for a break.

Traveling in Malaysia in my 5th month challenge

Stay tuned because I’ll soon share how I managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst on vacation in Malaysia.

I hope you enjoyed this reading. Do you think it’s motivating to see this kind of change?

Thank you for your time!

A big hug,

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