Habits and goals

Like I shared in the post Perfectionism, my worst enemy, my flight back to Barcelona from Malaysia became a little complicated and when I was finally able to do some workout again, 3 days had already passed. My body needed some action, but I was happy to realize that I didn’t feel guilty about not working out during those days, and this was because I no longer thought of working out as an obligation.

My workout was, and is, my decision. It is a habit that I have created in my life.

In the post Habits vs. obligations – the 7 whys, I dive into the topic of habits and I give you some helpful advice.

At the same time, I also wanted to continue to pursue the Master’s degree that I had paused prior to traveling. The delay from my trip also delayed this calendar, but that wasn’t a big deal neither because I had already done a lot of work ahead and in a matter of two months I had completed ⅓ of the Master’s program.

This last was actually possible because I set a specific goal and believed it was possible. In the post The importance of setting a goal and believing in it, I share the things I have learned and what has helped me reach my goals.

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