How I learned to accept my body and why I decided to change it

Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to have a flat stomach and be able to wear any shirt I wanted without having to worry about showing my muffin tops or love handles.


I fought many times to achieve this change in my body but I failed every time. Each failure started to weigh heavier, knowing that the years kept on going by so fast.

How would I, at the age of 39, ever be able to get that flat abdomen if I wasn’t able to get it when I was younger when it was easier to lose weight?

And then one day, unexpectedly, I realized that I could care less. It’s not like I was overweight— I had become accustomed to my body, and most importantly, I was healthy. I came to accept my body.

Yes, at 39 and with a few extra pounds I didn’t use to have before, I finally accepted my body.

I don’t know exactly how it happened, but some time before, I had begun smiling at myself and started giving myself compliments.

I went from a phase in which I didn’t even want to look at myself in the mirror and even less at pictures of me because I always disliked what I saw.

But one day I told myself that I could no longer continue approaching myself in this way. I then started focusing on small things about myself that

I did like and I began complimenting myself for those same traits I enjoyed about myself. I decided to give importance to everything I liked instead of focusing on what I disliked.

The direct consequence was an overall self-esteem improvement which allowed me to start appreciating all my flaws until I slowly accepted who I was, just as I was.

The process can be summarized as follows:

Search for what you like →  give yourself compliments → Your self-esteem improves → You achieve self-acceptance.

This self-acceptance made me feel free, relaxed, tranquil and took away all my worries about having to achieve some standard which seemed out of reach and impossible.

I have sometimes wondered if this was just a sign of resignation, but my answer has always been the following: “Who cares what it’s called if it makes you feel good?”

Why I decided to change my body

One day something completely unexpected happened: a dormant force I had inside me finally woke up. I like to call it willpower.

It presented before me and very kindly said to me:

“Claudia, it’s great that you have finally accepted your body, congratulations!

But tell me one thing, is this really what you want?

Do you really think you are unable to achieve that goal you’ve always wanted to reach?

You know you are a strong person and that if you set your mind to it, you will achieve it. Maybe you should stop waiting for miracles and focus on searching for a global change. What do you think?”

Escrita en un papel De hecho sí puedo

It’s needless to say what my answer was.

For many years, my frustration and lack of self-esteem always made me look for miracles.

I was also under the impression that all the other women were able to get those incredible bodies with very little effort.

I tried out treatments and a plethora of massages, patches, diets, miraculous foods… I honestly spent quite a bit of money. But I realized that money would not be able to help me and that what I really needed was a change in attitude.

This is how I began to think that in order to achieve that objective, I needed to work on other aspects of my life and not only focus on eliminating those muffin tops and love handles.

This is how I changed my perspective and I started to work on other aspects of my life that weren’t just a physical change.

Would you like to know what my next step was? You can read it in my post “Do not focus solely on a physical change”.

Thank you for stopping by,

Happy Healthy Life,

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