Do not focus solely on a physical change

I tried out many remedies which assured excellent results, but the miracle never came.

One day I was thinking about the fact that maybe what I needed was to not focus all my energy in that physical change but to look beyond at all the other aspects in my life which could be related to my diet.

What was happening in my life that wasn’t allowing me to lose weight, and that was actually helping me gain it? Was I looking at the big picture?

What is behind those love handles? 

I started to observe my eating habits, to notice what I was eating, when I was eating it and in which emotional state I found myself in those moments.

I realized that in general, my lunches and dinners were pretty balanced, but my snacks in between meals weren’t.

In moments of stress and emotional instability, I needed comforting snacks. I noticed that I was having periods of binge eating, this uncontrollable need to scarf down those foods which I should actually be avoiding.

I also noticed that I tended to eat those foods as a way to console and reward myself. To reward myself if I had achieved something and console myself if things had gone bad.

I have to admit that after realizing all this, I got scared because I thought that it would be impossible to change these patterns I was so clung to.

I started to research the topic and this is how I learned about the concept of emotional eating, which I would like to discuss more comprehensively in another post.

It was definitely a revelation because I realized that I had nailed it with my theory of looking at the big picture.

The first step was to uncling from those love handles and to stop trying to figure out how to lose all that accumulated fat.

Instead, I wanted to focus on avoiding those moments which caused me to feel the need to eat those processed unhealthy foods which continued enhancing the size of those love handles.

How to eliminate the cause

Circles on a water and tree reflexions

The first tactic I tried was to use solely my willpower to not give into the desire for pastries, chocolates, and ultra-processed foods.

However, I quickly realized that willpower isn’t infinite and there comes a point in which it ends and you give into what you shouldn’t be giving into, and by consequence, you feel even more guilty so then you want to eat more bad foods… such a vicious circle!

What I needed to do was to eliminate the cause. I had to avoid going through moments of stress and dissatisfaction and instead reach an emotional balance and maintain it.

What personally helped to decrease stress and be more satisfied with my life was a change in profession. Also, some tools which helped me (and continue to help) maintain an emotional stability are the following:

I understand that my process is personal and not universal, but I do believe that if you can manage to even reduce stress in your life, then you’ll be more satisfied and you’d be able to maintain a certain emotional balance, which would be one step closer into reaching an overall healthier life.

Do you think there is something in your life that is stopping you from having a healthier lifestyle?

What solution do you think would help you feel better?

Tell me about it by leaving a comment below! And if you think someone else in your life would find this post interesting and useful, please do share.

I invite you to read the post “How to maintain your habits even though they’re at odds with your destiny” to know what else happened during my first month of the challenge.

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Happy Healthy Life,

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