How to maintain your healthy habits even though they’re at odds with your destiny

September 2017 was, for me, the month which marked the beginning of this “journey toward healthier 40s” and as such, the start of a new stage in my life.

I was very excited by all the positive changes that I was experiencing until something out of my control pushed me outside of my straight lane.

I was supposed to change apartments in October, a move that I had been looking forward to for many months, but on September 19th the entire move was canceled.

I instantly tried to find another apartment which required me to invest time when I barely had any.

My healthy lifestyle and routine suddenly disappeared. I stopped having the time to purchase my groceries and to prepare healthy meals, and this pushed me back right at the start, making me feel like all my previous accomplishments had been futile.

Regardless, I had set my mind to finding a new apartment and I wasn’t going to stop until I found one. Stubborn, much?

Finding a positive perspective

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It took me two visits to the doctor to actually stop and realize what I was going through. And it was only then that I realized that being in a constant state of stress wasn’t worth it.

Yet I had one more question to answer: why was I having such bad luck if I had been working so hard to create this new change?

The word “accept” has two meanings:

I decided to accept and receive what destiny had chosen for me at that moment, and thus the answer to my question in which I wondered why this was happening to me was the following:

“It is not bad luck but it’s probably destiny’s way to show you something even more beautiful is headed your way.”

This acceptance and surrender gave me back the time I needed for what was most important: taking care of myself.

Sometimes, unexpected things shift our balance and shake us, making us lose sight of our priorities. In these cases, it’s fundamental to re-center ourselves and focus on our objectives.

Because at the end of the day what matters most isn’t to always maintain balance, but to learn how to restore it once something comes along and throws it off.

How do you react when faced with unexpected changes? Are you able to maintain your healthy lifestyle habits?

Tell me more by leaving a comment below. And don’t hesitate to share this post if you think it could benefit someone in your life.  

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