If I had two extra hours…

Nowadays you hear more and more people complaining about the scarcity of time and highlighting the fact that time is truly precious.

Or maybe it’s something that I have been noticing more and more as the years keep passing by and the responsibilities grow alongside the constant desire to learn and to take better care of myself.

Over more than two years ago, I developed a certain interest in nutrition, to the point that I met with a nutritionist and a photographer in order to write a recipe book about healthy brunches.

I learned a lot from this experience and I committed myself to study something related to nutrition.

But with this arose the doubt inside of me asking  “Where are you going to find the time?” which in that precise moment overpowered me.

However, after a year, my interest kept growing and I decided that the moment had arrived to just listen to my instinct.

And this is how many aspects of my life were re-adjusted so that I could dedicate part of my time to study an online Master’s degree in Nutrition and Diet.

My strategy was to dedicate the first two hours of my day to studying, from Monday to Sunday.

Yes, weekends and holidays included, because when you do something that truly passionates you, you could care less whether it’s a Sunday or a Wednesday.

The first direct result of this strategy was that I managed to finish ⅓ of my Master’s degree (which lasted one year) in less than two months.

The two extra hours that I managed to find in my day actually gave me very productive results.

What have I learned from this experience:

A small exercise

I know each one of us has a very different life and that we are all busy with our own things, especially if you have a family, kids, a demanding job, etc. But I would like to invite you to do a small exercise:

Imagine that suddenly, your day had 26 hours. What would you do with those two extra hours?

Would you take a course? What course would it be?

Would you cook more in order to prepare your meals for the week?

Would you do physical activity?

Would you use the two hours to relax and meditate?

It doesn’t matter what you choose – what you would like to do in those two hours is reflective of what your body and mind is asking for right now. What if you actually listen to it?

As you may have noticed, all the examples on this list are focused on YOU, and no one else. It often happens that we put our needs aside and prioritize those around us.

However, the priority in our life should be our own selves. Because if you are well and at peace with your own self, you’ll develop even healthier relationships with those around you.

Are you able to set aside two hours of your day? Not even one? Are you sure? What is stopping you?

Let’s look at some answers you may have:

Let’s take a look at some possible solutions:

There are probably many more solutions that you could find. Leave a comment below and share what situation is hindering you from dedicating time to yourself and we’ll all come together and try to help you figure out a solution.

Do you already dedicate time out of your day to yourself? Would you be so kind to share your strategy?

A big hug and Happy Healthy Life!

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