Reflections on the third decade of my life

Only a month away before entering the fourth decade of my life, I stopped to analyze what happened in the third decade. During my trip to Malaysia, I met a woman who was explaining to some twenty-something-year-old girls that once entering your thirties, everything will just start to fall apart. Personally, I do not agree with this.

It’s true that some physical changes we will experience are actually out of our control, but for many aspects of our lives, we will still be able to make decisions. Our mind is powerful, and if we think that everything is going to fall apart, then it probably will. However, a positive attitude and some self-care can do wonders.

Claudia Reflecting on her 3rd decade

Changes in a woman’s body

During the course of her life, a woman goes through several hormonal and metabolic changes and it is very likely that the differences will change from one decade to another.

Although the changes do not happen from one day to the next, they happen gradually and without much awareness.

In my personal case, I remember that two important events contributed to such a big weight gain that I had to get rid of half of my clothes.

Four months before I turned 30 I got very sick and had to take cortisone, a medication that had a side effect of swelling or weight gain due to an increase in appetite.

After realizing that I had gained some weight, I decided to join the gym. Consequently, I became more hungry, which led me to eat more quantities of food that, at the time, was not healthy.

I had gained so much weight that some friends I hadn’t seen for months, who knew I was always pretty slender, were very surprised to see me so plump.

That’s how I looked at 24 and 26 years old. I used to eat an excessive amount of ultra-processed food, no vegetables and lots of sugar.

The only “sport” I used to do was going out with my friends until the thirties arrived and I realized that things had changed… forever. I wish that someone had warned me in advance 😀

Oh, and so you know my mental state then, at that time I thought I looked fat…

And yes, these are not digital photos 😀

Claudia at 24yo in Zaragoza
Claudia at 26yo in Sardinia

The myth of miraculous results and the strategies of others

What sells the most in the world of healthy lifestyles are, on the one hand, the diets and products that promise to make you get a wonderful body in just a few weeks, and on the other hand, the methods tested by experts who have achieved extraordinary results.

In my eagerness to lose those kilos that I had gained with the arrival of my thirties, I have learned these two important life lessons:

          1. Diets and miraculous methods DO NOT work

Although in recent years I have been working on my patience (and I still have a lot to learn), my attitude has always been if I want something, I want it NOW. If we add the fact that I used to believe in miraculous solutions, you can imagine what my reaction was when I reached 30 and had that important change in my body.

I spent a lot of money trying to lose weight. I bought patches and potions that promised miracles, I tried many types of treatments and followed advice from people who had achieved fantastic results. However, nothing ever worked.

          2. The strategies of others are NOT universal

As far as the strategies of others are concerned, I have come to the conclusion that not all strategies can work for everyone because each person, and each body, is different.

I do not say that the strategies of others are not useful, but instead of considering them as a “follow this method blindly,” they should be considered as a guide that indicates a new direction or suggests an idea that we did not consider before.

And I’d like to take the chance to point out that this is the purpose of my blog. I want to give you directives that you can follow, not a magic formula that will make you get unexpected results in the two weeks before your fortieth birthday.

My main goal is that you stay with the following guidelines that should constantly be kept in mind:

  1. Balanced diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Mental and emotional balance = personal development and no stress
  4. Rest

The most important thing that you have to always keep in mind is this:

Do not be in a hurry because the results that come slowly are those that come to stay.

Learn to love yourself -

Learning to know, love and not judge yourself

The reason why we tend to judge ourselves is that we love to compare ourselves with others. Of course, other people tend to have all of those characteristics that we love and we would like to have ourselves, right?

But let’s look at this with a little perspective that I’ve learned from Aaron Saari: there are 75 million people in this world and each one of us is UNIQUE.

No one has had an instruction manual and no one knows what he or she is doing in this life.

In addition, the only reality that everyone will be able to perceive is their own.

From these bases, we come to the conclusion that we are unique and all of our characteristics put together are the ones that make us who we are.

It’s good to see and like some aspects of other people. It’s good to positively want to change some characteristics in us if that is what leads us to improve as a person and will help us in our life.

However, it is likely that some features of our character that we think are negative do actually have their positive aspects.

Have you ever taken a personality test? Here is a link where you can take one for free.

I took mine, for the first time, when I was in Bansko during my challenge and it helped me to solve an important question I was having during the last months there.

I had started to think that I was becoming antisocial because recently, I preferred to spend more time alone.

So, when I read the results of my test, which indicated that I’m 63% introverted, the first thing I thought was that this was a confirmation of my theory.

However, what I learned was that this introversion is related to the way I “charge my batteries” and that to do so, I need to be alone and have my space.

And this was a small, but a clear lesson that I do not have to judge myself when I notice something new in me, but it is just one more piece of the puzzle that helps to know me better.

Changing perspective, learning to know and love ourselves, it’s important to achieve an emotional and mental balance that, as you know, in my opinion, are two of the pillars to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So, stop judging yourself, learn to know yourself and love yourself.

Now I would like to know more about you. Have you reached your third decade yet? How are you enjoying it?

And if you’re still in your twenties, is there something that you think will change that you’re afraid of?

Finally, if you are already in your forties, I would love to know your experience.

Leave a comment below or contact me directly by sending me an email to

And if you would like to read more about what happened in the 9th month of my challenge, you can read the post The habits that have helped me in my challenge.

Thank you very much for your visit.

A big hug and Happy Healthy Life!

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