Looking for focus

Once I managed to recenter myself around my objective and dedicate the time and attention it deserved while maintaining a certain emotional balance, I decided to take a step forward by adding another healthy habit into my life, one which focused on changing my physical aspect.

I had the opportunity to meet Julia, a personal trainer with many years of experience, who decided to help me out. We only met up twice, but she gave me a table of exercises that she recommended I do 4 times per week… I didn’t manage to do them 4 times, but I did manage to do them at least 3 times a week! In the post Personal Trainer. Is it worth it? I share more about this experience. She also took my measurements and I even plucked up the courage to take some photos of myself in order to monitor the changes in my body throughout time.

The month of October also brought me a trip to Sardinia to visit my family. It wasn’t easy, as you can imagine. I share more about my experience in the post titled Back to the Origins… And speaking of trips, it was also in October when I decided to buy a plane ticket to Malaysia, even though I was concerned that the change could potentially destabilize me.

Finally, and I write this with much pride, it was on October 25th when I started my Master’s in human and dietetic nutrition, which is why I decided to add a section to the blog titled “Nutrition,” where I’ll be sharing a bit of what I am experimenting with and learning about.

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