Changes That Destabilize

In September of 2017, this project was finally starting taking shape and what had remained a dream for many years, was finally moving forward. Two months had passed since I had begun moving my body again after four years of inactivity. The fact that it was summer helped in keeping a healthier diet and I was beginning to notice some physical changes, like the shrinking of my double chin…there, I said it!

But the most important changes I was accomplishing weren’t at the physical level. When I realized that in order to change my body I needed to change other aspects in my life, it was then that I started experiencing results. In the post titled, “How I learned to accept my body and why I decided to change it” I share a bit about the process of acceptance and about the decision to move forward, whereas in the post titled, “Do not solely on physical change” I talk about an initial lesson I learnt which guided me to choose the right direction.

Furthermore, September was also the month in which the important change I had been previously seeking would finally come. I was supposed to move to another apartment on October 1st, but they canceled the entire move on September 19th. I was in the midst of my courses to become a nutritional coach and was dealing with a plethora of projects which required my time and attention, but I already had it set in my mind that I wanted to change apartments and that’s how I managed to find the time to search for a new apartment, which resulted in my neglect to spend time in the kitchen and the abandonment of my routines and new healthy habits. In the post titled, “How to maintain your healthy habits even though they’re at odds with your destiny” I share how I reacted to these changes.  

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